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Live music vs. Recorded music

Recorded music is meant to sound right, to sound tight and beautiful, oftenly, its been washed and rewashed again and again, mixed and edited to fit the expectation of both the creator and the listener.

in other words, its copied, replayed and is not actually living when its played in a computer, it lived once , only till the moment it was recorded- the spark was cuptured into a time capsule.

The song defiantly lived all the way through the creation process. the music is timeless, it continues, but the creation ends.

With great admiration to the creator and his hard work, recorded music is simply a magical way in order to spread music.

But there's a saying " No creation is perfect, it was just interrupted in an interesting moment"

That's why the thing that's really inspiring in music is the creation itself.

And that's why many musicians would have preferred to play music- LIVE.

Live music is played right here and right now, no back up, Realtime frequencies are produced into your ears and body, and spontaneously moving and vibrating it.

But the big leap is happening when the live music is improvised by a group of ppl that just met.

The voyage to random creation, the seek of harmony, the longing for tuning into the same vibe as your fellow musician and crowd, creates a spark between all who witness it, or dance to it.

Both the listener and the player are actually having the same experience - a trip into the unknown.

no memory or expectation, no courses to lean on, minimum guidance but maximum adventure.

If you are a musician played in one of these orchestras you should consider yourself a brave daring person, who trust your instincts and ready to jump into deep water together with other animals same or different then you, and to take over your role in the ocean of big long waves....welcome to the unknown, to the Here and Now.

A Musician - clown vs. healer

Entertainment for the king, and then for the people, was the great engine that moved all arts.

The clown of the king was practicing days and nights, improving his talent and show only to make the king and his guests entertained otherwise he would have been fired and probably dead... most creations and symphonies where written for a noble emperies, its has been always a mix of the creator who really aspire to authenticity and self express, and the client, the king, the crowd who expects the perfect masterpiece, no less.

Many creations of art are healing in some ways, a song or a symphony can be very mental and emotionally meaningful, story telling is interesting and drives the kings mind away for the daily routine but the deep healing is usually hidden under the vail.

Even the greatest musicians who drove millions of fans crazy in love with them and their music, really intended to heal people, but their music is filtered by publicity, image, and the recorded company expectation.. and these famous loved songs only gives us comfort, it heals us in some ways but we do not give attention to it.

In the end of the day, its all part of the entertainment in our busy eclectic life.

The thing is, that a musician-is not clown, he is a doctor.

When music is played - a deep healing accurse.

The healer and the patient should be aware of that, and dig into it while moving the body, as simple as that.

Dance hard, dance soft, dance deep, dance light, be with the moment with the sound within you and around you. live music is very healing.

Drugs&alcohol Vrs Cacao & tea


Drugs ( Lsd, cannabis, amphetaminic) where a big engine in the industry of rock n roll and electronic music for almost a decade.

From big band in new Orlins till trance nature parties - Every party, gathering or show since the the 20s combines either alcohol or drugs ( or both) . The common idea was that once we are blurred, hi or hallucinating - we may feel free, we may dare, we can get closer, be honest and celebrate with one another.

The truth is, that all these drugs, in one way or another, only distant us from our natural authentic self and from one another. while drugs create a very subjective experience, often forgotten and blared - being sober and aware can create a collective memorable experience. unforgettable, un denied and very exposing.

Nowhere to hide, you stand before yourself and your fellow humans, barefoot, they are all aware like you, having the same experience as you, tomorrow when you wake up, you'll probably remember many moments, powerful once. drugs like lsd, has an important roll in our development as humanity, its a treatment that quickly opens new important doors of perception - but only if you'll use them several times, and with intention and honor.

Using drugs regularly in order to feel free and get together makes no sense. The development of conscious dance ( 5 elements, ecstatic dance etc..) gives humanity a great opportunity to make a leap.

It is already proven all over the world that one can reach a great ecstacy when dancing sober, aware of his body and of his total bitingness. Cacao simply opens the heart , releasing big amounts of serotonin hormonic into our system and helps us to feel the love within and around us.

Drinking Cacao in a ceremony that honors you and your intentions for the dance, that honors the cacao and your body, that honor the space we are now sharing together, is a blessed natural way to manifest a tribal celebration. Herbal Tea can also do the work, and drinking cool and rich herbal tea will energies your body and mind.


A healthy Party? A Tribal gathering? A spiritual journey? call it as you wish, eventually a real magic moment does not have a name any way and no words can describe...

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