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Blurry Forest


Q: Can I arrive a different day than Monday and Friday?


A: In special cases we will allow to arrive in other days .

Please contact us about it in the "apply to join form".

Q: If I'm already a member and i have confirmed dates, and my friend wants to join me spontaneosly can he/she?


A: No, sorry, but your friend will have to apply to join as a member as well, check with us if there is a space for him/her as we are limited in space & recourses !!

We cannot allow people to just "pop in" , we need to know and agree in advance. 

If your friend will arrive without us knowing about it he will probably need to go back home...

Q: I don't have money to contribute but i really want to join...can i volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation?


A: Yes, you can always write in the "apply to join" form that you wish to volunteer, we might just looking for you!!


Q: What exactly am i paying for?


A: You are not paying for anything, you are becoming a member and donating to the culture association  "Raiz del Viento" , its a non profit organization.

Your contribution allows the camp to function and share food, accommodations and many workshops and activities.

As a member you are being asked to contribute a minimum cost, but you can always contribute more and the camp will use it to something good!!

Q: I have a dog... Can I take him with a leash? or do you have any dog sitter in the area to recommend? What about cats?


A: Sorry, no dogs or cats (or monkeys) there are already 2 home cats in the valley, and bringing any more animals can create problems. 


About dog sitting - there is a dog pensions in the area - here is a link:

Find a Pet Sitter in Orgiva, Spain |

Q: Is it cold at night? Do I need to take blankets with me as well?

A: It is not predicted to be too cold at night, but sometime it is, so please bring all your beddings including warm blanket.

Q: If I am a single person and choose a cabin tree accommodation for example, will I be sleeping with other people?


A: Yes you will need to share the cabin with another person, or book the whole cabin ( give contribution for 2 adults)

Q: How does change accommodation works? 


A: Change accommodation works on spontaneous exchange between the camp visitors who wants to experience different environments, we really recommend you to do that !!


Q: I am a digital nomad, Is internet available to work?


A: NO, in the valley the reception of internet is not available, just when you go to the entrance you will have some reception. 

If you need to work with internet there is a working space in the valley. please ask us about it in the form.


Q: What are the activities for communal living? Do I have to work for the community?


A: We will have sharing circles every few days to share our feelings and thoughts together.

Working in the kitchen or elsewhere is not obligatory but reccomended, upon arrival you will get all the explanation about the community life in the camp.

Q: Are the weekly courses included in the price?


A: No it's not included. 

See courses page for the prices, you will pay this directly to the courses facilitators.

once you are interested in a course we will direct you how to sign in.

Q: Can I decide which weekly courses to make upon arrival?


A: Yes . you can be spontaneous and try to join A course upon arrival, but space in the courses might be limited and we cannot guerantee there will be a space left for you in the course.

It is much more reccomended to sign in in advance.

Q: In which language will the activities be?


A: Yes . In the camp we will use mostly English, but in some cases we will have translation to Spanish, if you don't speak English at all you might have some difficulties to understand all the information in some workshops, but in many activities the language is movement or music and it is universal:))

Frequently asked questions  

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