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The Kulam Project Retreat “The Art of Now” is a unique experience that allows participants to tap into their inner creativity and unleash their musical and artistic potential,
in real time. 

The retreat is designed for individuals who are passionate about art and music and are seeking 
an opportunity to explore their authentic artistic side.

You don’t need to be a defined artist inorder to join!
Just to be curious, and allow the divine creativity of the universe to channel through you.

Located in a picturesque vast nature of the Alpujarras, the retreat provides the perfect environment to unwind, relax, and reconnect with your true self. 

Surrounded by nature, participants are encouraged
to take a break from their daily routines and immerse themselves in the creative process. 

Throughout the retreat, we will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities designed to free our art with musicality and improvisation skills. These activities will include group improvisation sessions, individual practice time, and collaborative jam sessions with other participants.

The retreat also includes art workshops, meditation sessions, ceremonies, singing, cooking and powerful group activities; all designed to enhance participant’s creativity and 

We will have access to professional musicians, guest artists, movement specialist, emotional mentors who will serve as guides throughout the retreat. 

These magic mentors will provide feedback and inspiration to support and help us reach our full potential - allowing our selves to simply be a hollow channel of creativity, Here and Now. 

At the end of the retreat, participants will have the opportunity to express their newfound creativity in a culminating session. 

This free flow journey will serve as a celebration of the tribe’s creativity and a testament to the transformative power of the retreat experience.

Overall, The Kulam Retreat “The Art of Now”, is an unparalleled unique and original opportunity for individuals to explore their musical and artistic potential, connect with like-minded souls, and recharge their creative batteries for life. 

YOU are invited to join the tribe, and find your inspiring source
that gives life such a magnificent meaning. 


We have few options for sleeping, all of them are close to nature, simple and shaded by  beautiful Avocado trees, with a soft grassy ground.


1 - Bring your Own tent & Beddings-
included in the retreat price.
2 - Communal Bell Tent for 3-4 people, including bed ( bring your own beddings) -
15 euro per night. 
3 - Caravan - (bring your own bedding) -
65 Euro for the 3 nights. 

The location of the Retreat is a fantastic and wild land.
Very easy to reach 5 min from Orgiva center.
20 acers of nature, with 1 huge alberca ( natural pool) and another mountain view pool, few spaces for dance & workshop, big outdoor kitchen,
amazing camping sites and endless Nature.

Food - ( optional Workshop)
Food is included in the retreat price,
in this unique retreat we include the participants in the cooking!
you will have the opportunity to join the cooking musical workshops, (its not obligatory), along side with our C
hef David the food lover, who will guide you in the cooking, using amazing ingredients & imagination we will eat 3 meals a day, and learn how to connect to the food we are eating ,the meals will be simple, nutritional and vegan.


  • The Tribal Experiment By Kulam Project

  • Body Percussions By Wallace Miquelin

  • Being With The Divine By Glenn Bracy

  • Fendelkrais Movement By Thala Teran

  • Into The Now By Kulam Project

  • Live Ecstatic Dance 

  • Live Trance Dance Blindfolded

  • Active Listening Concert & Singing Circle By Zeger Gabriel

  • Camino De La Vos ( Vocal Activation) by Andros Ruz

  • Impro With Nature Elements By Wallace Miquelin

  • Solo Circle By Kulam Project

  • Active Cooking By David Food lover

  • Pool Play  

  • & MORE

The Facilitators


Nir Shraiber

Multi Instrument

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Wallace Miquelin

Multi Instrument

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Glenn Bracey

Consciousness Mentor

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Thala Terán

Music & movement

Originally from Granada. 
She is a composer, guitarist, lutenist, passionate about music with roots and tradition, always adapting it and giving it a personal and contemporary touch. 
She is certified in the "Intelligent Movement" method, a somatic technique that works on awareness and the art of being present, uniting mind, body and spirit through movement. 
Integrative astrologer, she uses "somatic experience" techniques to understand how we are all part of the cosmos, and from sound and connection with ourselves, we can heal and free ourselves from what binds us. "Behind our drama, our trauma, our complexes... loving beings are willing to serve life."

Kulam Project's Founder,  Nir is a visionary and creative improviser, using his intuition from young age, he found his path in music healing and tribe gathering. Along side Romina his Beloved, they travel the world and creating pure magic and healing with music channeling, and tribal ceremonies.

Born in Brazil from an Italian immigrant family. Multi instruments world musician. Natural traveler, and artistic explorer. He’s using the music like a vehicle to reach freedom and share the most authentic part of himself, to connect with heart and joy all living beings.  Doesn’t matter the instrument, matters the intention. Love is the vehicle, Love is the destination.

A teacher, coach and facilitator. 
He shares, embodied awakening practises to return to and live from our true nature. Returning to what we are outside of a hectic, judgmental, thought-led mind. To a fullness of unconditioned freedom, that doesn´t need improving or fixing. 
He describes awakening as an unfolding of awareness into the freedom that we already are. It’s not a superhero power or super state for the select few. It's not the end of all our life challenges but It is the end of searching for a better version of ourselves. It's the end of searching for certain circumstances to be fulfilled.  It's the opening of our body to receive the fullness of our being, so we can embody our truth and bring it into the world.


Zeger Gabriel

Multi Instruments

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Andros Ruz

Multi Instruments


Eugen Feb


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-21 at 14.15.06.jpg

Miguel Ángel Vera

Strings & Sound



A world traveler, music and culture explorer, a poet. Eugen is living a breathing music in the moment all his life, with deep philosophy and deep connection to the whole.

A musician and sound designer who walks the infinite paths that give us the audible. Knowing that there is no arrival or possible return; Music as a way to experience life.

A world musician multi-instrumentist and facilitator. Consecrated to share what human being knows since ancient times; the use of music as a healing tool, a path for spiritual conection and create unity between the people.

Zeger Gabriel is a musical pilgrim who finds inspiration in the many ways people from all over the world have approached music as a doorway to transcendence.
Besides his work as a musician and producer, Zeger has been working as a music educator, organizing and hosting Inner Sound Music workshops and retreats, born out of a desire to help people deepen their connection with music, find more flow and freedom in their creative expression and learn more about the many different ways in which music can be used as a tool for healing and meditation.

GUEST* - means he will come for short time and will not stay with us the whole retreat

we are limiting this retreat to 30-40 participants*
In order to book your place in the Art Of Now Nature Retreat, we ask you to get in contact with us, we’ll have a simple conversation to make clear all the aspects of the experience. Looking forward to meet you!!!CONTACT: +393498504174  (wallace)

(including food and sleeping in own tent/ communal yurt )
EARLY BIRD LIMITED (till 05/05/2023): 222 € SOLD OUT
PRESALE LIMITED (till 15/05/2023):    277 €
FULL PRICE (if there is still place left):   333 €
If you are an Alpujarra resident and really encouraged to join our retreat but you are struggling financially? We are here for you, please, don’t hesitate to reach out, we have a solution. 

Preferably with WISE or cash in a personal meeting.

Bedding suite
Camping beddings 
Tent (or contact us to rent a space in a Bell Tent)
Sleeping bag.
Comfortable clothes
Comfortable fitness gear
Own bottle of water
Own musical instruments if you want.
Private snacks
Own Medications or supplies
Bug spray

Camping Torch

*By joining this retreat you are aware of this, and will be asked to sign on an agreement

See you in the here and now. Aho.

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