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Welcome to your childhood kingdom,
where dreams are real, life is fun and you effortlessly flow through life.

In our Playground Nature Retreat, experienced facilitators will invite you to unlock the doors to this magic state of being. Welcome back to this place where you feel deeply connected to your intuition and love, a place free from judgment and shame.

This 4 day retreat was designed to bring you the wonderful experience of celebrating the moment, being free, feeling joyful and light like a child.

You truly want to reconnect with your true nature, with playfulness, with your deepest desires and dreams ?
Then follow your heart and join our PlayGround …

What's in the Program?

music - dance - treasure hunt - clown show -  camp building - cinema - bed time stories - theatre workshop - art activities - swimming - games - connecting - relaxing



Nir Shraiber

Music & Workshops


Jan De Bruyckere

Inner children mentor

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Glenn Bracey

Consciousness Mentor

IMG_9612 Lief1000.jpg

Lieve Van Passen

Inner children mentor

Lief is a pioneer in educational innovation. She was cofounder and staffmember of a Belgian Sudbury School, which is a natural, totally different form of education. Here she becamaster in interacting with children and youngsters in a non authorative way.
Before this, she was teaching Dutch to foreigners in a playful and fun way.
She loves giving classes in improvisation theatre, in which she combines fun, enthousiasm and joy, with deepness that touches the core.
She is passionate about the magic that happens during facilitating (family) constellations.
"I love to live a simple life at my own pace and rhythm.
I like to exclude as much 'musts" and "material needs' and include as much freedom, joy and connection as possible.
Are you looking for ways to simplify your life and reconnect with your soul path ... ?
You are very welcome."

Kulam Project's Founder,  Nir is a visionary and creative improviser, using his intuition from young age, he found his path in music healing and tribe gathering. Along side Romina his Beloved, they travel the world and creating pure magic and healing with music channeling, and tribal ceremonies. 

Along Side music, Nir is Celebrating his inner Child by experimenting contently  in group activities to elevate the tribe moral, and to find new ways of healing.

Jan is passionate about bringing people to that space where they can heal and feel the connection with their true self.
A place where you feel empowered, one with all.
He is an experienced facilitator who helps individuals and groups transform their blocked emotions and dysfunctional patterns. 
For over 15 years Jan has also been giving creative and artistic workshops and retreats to children and adults.
Your inner child and your inner wisdom have been asleep for way too long.
Isn't it time to wake them up ?
If not now, when ?

A teacher, coach and facilitator. 
He shares, embodied awakening practises to return to and live from our true nature. Returning to what we are outside of a hectic, judgmental, thought-led mind. To a fullness of unconditioned freedom, that doesn´t need improving or fixing. He describes awakening as an unfolding of awareness into the freedom that we already are. It’s not a superhero power or super state for the select few. It's not the end of all our life challenges but It is the end of searching for a better version of ourselves. It's the end of searching for certain circumstances to be fulfilled.  It's the opening of our body to receive the fullness of our being, so we can embody our truth and bring it into the world.


David Foodlover



Yenna Wolf

Pedagogue & Artist


Roman Delavoipiere



Patricia Caballero


Started as a sucessful junior in athlethics, who is exploring the optimal nutritional daily intake  to compete in championships, becoming a alchemist with a vegan slowfood cooking catering business in Hamburg which stands for organic cooking with regional, seasonal, real food.

Using old traditional and modern cooking techniques.

Fermenting, baking, steaming.

Studied chemistry and
travelled through the world.

Ironman finisher and activist for more biodiversity in the world through permaculture and spiritual knowledge.Looking for a deeper nature connected life with a lot of projects.

"The most important integredient of the world to cook is love, respect and belief"

After studing circus in France in the circus school  "Le Lido", i dedicate myself to the theatre and more precisly to the clown guided by Eric Blouet.  I've been playing as a clown, acrobat  and actor from the end of my oficials studies in 2006 until today with varials circus and theatre companies such as "Théâtre National de Toulouse" , "Le Boustrophédon" or "Subliminati Corporation".
   I 've been giving clown and circus workshops from 15 years to a large range of students from very young children to adult people. The skills i offer  to learn and experiment in these workshops are designed to be  a medium to reveal and express oneself and to connect by the game with one's own feelings and challenges.
Welcome whatever you are and whatever your experience in circus or clown !

Scenic artist, and creative-vital processes helper. Celebrates more than
30 years of dancing career and 15 years in creation, training and
coaching of artistic-holistic projects.
She developed the Body Voice Process practice, a two-year program.
Co-creator of artistic communities, curator and promoter of rural spaces
around art and ecology.
Body and water therapist, and a devoted researcher of voice and the
creation of reality through art and magic.

Yenna loves to play and come alive through various modalities within the Healing Arts.
She is passionate about supporting others to find their own authentic, connected self, in free expression, using a sensitivity of profound awareness and creativity.

She believes that breaking through and letting go of outdated concepts & constructs of the self can hold the key and vital support needed for transformation to occurr. To come alive, we must dare to be seen, witnessed loved and accepted for our totality in this being human, with all our fears and neuroticism. Through the natural process of play, spontaneity, experimentation, self empowerment & inner freedom is possible.


Our Playground is in a mesmerizing unique location with a stunning view.
We have cool and shaded places to dance, play, hang out and cook. We have 2 huge swimming pools, continuously filled with fresh spring water.
You are welcome to camp in the shadow of our enchanted Avocado Forest.

Welcome to paradise, only 5 minutes from Órgiva.



1 - Bring your Own tent & Beddings:
included in the retreat price
2 - Rent a communal canvas Tent for 3-4 people, including bed (bring your own beddings):
15 € / night 
3 - Bring your own Caravan: 2 € / night
4 - Rent a Caravan - (bring your own beddings):
65 € / 3 nights 
5 - Rent beddings: 10 € / person


We will all Stay to sleep in the same Camping area.
You have few options :



 ( optional Workshop)
Food is included in the retreat price,
Your inner child as well as your responsible adult will love the healthy pizza, vegan burger, falafel, fruit ice cream, … David Foodlover prepares. If you want to learn his secret recipes, you are free to assist his cooking team.

Interested in  David Foodlover’s secrets to prepare simple, tasty, vegan meals with local, organic products ? Our master chef is willing to share his knowledge and experience with you.

(including food and sleeping in own tent )
EARLY BIRD (LIMITED amount or till 10/06/2023):
199 € -
LAZY BIRD (LIMITED amount or till 20/06/2023): 
222 €
JUST A BIRD (till 1/07/2023):
277 €
FULL PRICE (if there is still place left):   
333 €

** For Alpujarra residents with financial issues, we have a solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


 we are limiting this retreat to 30-40 participants*
Please book by CONTACTING: +972 522593912 (Nir)
on WhatsApp/ Telegram



Bathing suit
Camping mattress 
Tent /caravan/camper
Sleeping bag
Comfortable clothes
Comfortable fitness gear
Bottle of water
Musical instruments 
Private snacks
Your Medications 
Ecological Bug spray
Camping Torch


BRING YOURSELF, and Don't forget to invite your inner child. 

We look forward to see you soon in the here and now. 

Expect the unexpected.

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