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Imagine a medicine that is always available for you, comes naturally and is the power of life itself- your voice.


The sound of your voice is a path for transformation, the most simple and authentic way to express, the most powerful tool for your emotional body to reveal itself and find ease and healing.


Welcome to the journey of your voice, 3 days and 2 nights of pure connection to your inner voice, an opportunity to share your unique sound that can only come through you. 


In this retreat we will experiment with our voices by singing together, shouting, whispering, crying, laughing, and all other kinds of forms of expression with our voice. 


Everyday we will practice with our own voices, get inspired by singing circle sessions & workshops, ecstatic dance, meet ourselves in many forms of expression and learn to gain confidence with the sound of our body.


Join us on a journey of the healing voices that we are, and together we will find silence, peace, healing and bravery to express and be who we truly are. 



The location of the Retreat is a cozy and magical space in Andalusia, south of Spain.
2 min from the small town Orgiva center, deep in the mountains of Alpujarra
"Eden, the new earth sanctuary", or in its original name "molino de benizalte" is one of the most ancient places in all the Alpujarra's area, more then 500 hundreds years old, this magical space is very secluded and sacred.

1 - Bring your Own tent / caravan & Beddings-
included in the retreat price.

2 - Communal rooms for 2-3 people- 
including bed & private toilet( bring your own beddings) -
35 euro per night. (per person).

3 - Caravan for couple -
15 euro per night. ( per person)

4- Private rooms ( for 2 person) - 
"Secret heaven" / "little palace"
35 euro per night per person



Food is included in the retreat price,
in this unique retreat we include the participants in the cooking!
you will have the opportunity to join the cooking musical workshops, (it's not obligatory), along side with our C
hef  Irene, who will guide you in the cooking, using amazing ingredients & imagination we will eat 3 meals a day, and learn how to connect to the food we are eating ,the meals will be simple, nutritional and vegan.

Quinoa Salad
Vegetables for Roasting


  • Singing Circles 

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Improvisation Sessions

  • Live Ecstatic Dance with Kulam Project orchestra

  • laughing Yoga

  • vocal workshops

  • Movement workshops

  • MORE

Friday 7/6

10-12  Arrival

13  Lunch

14  Healing voices introduced

15  Afro Dance Session- Ari

17  Cacao vocal activation- Nir

19  Break & dinner

21  Singing circle Ali

23:30  Good night sound healing

Saturday 8/6

9  Mantra singing Nir + Ali

10  Chi generating- Cassia

11  Breakfast

12  Laughing yoga

13  Nonsense express

14  Break & lunch

16  Icaros & Kundalini Singing - Mystery

18  Belly to belly - Cassia

19:30  Break & dinner

21  Cacao singing circle Nir + Ali

23:30 Good night sound healing

Sunday 9/6

9  Mantra singing Nir + Ali

10  Breakfast

11  Vocal impro kulam

13  Break & lunch

14:30  Final singing circle -Team

15:30  Closing Sharing circle

18:30  Live Ecstatic dance kulam project

The Facilitators

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-12 at 15.34_edited.jpg

Mystery Anaha

Singing & Workshops


Nir Shraiber

Vocal Activation

Smart Watch.H03.2k.png


Cacao and singing

Kulam Project's Founder,  Nir is a visionary and creative improviser, using his intuition from young age, he found his path in music healing and tribe gathering.

Along side Romina his Beloved, they travel the world and creating pure magic and healing with music channeling, and tribal ceremonies.

Now based in Europe, Nir & Romi are traveling with the Kulam Project, creating events, retreats and gatherings and sharing their inspiration on how to re connect to the NOW.

In this retreat nir will guide us into deep process of singing, expressing and also silence.

She was born in Andalusia, and since she was a child she connected with other realities where she learned to channel through her voice, connecting with the earth. She has lived in various places, always putting them at the service of this medicine, creating magical spaces, where art and creativity are the main tool. A woman who, on her way with the master plants, is grateful to see connected with the nature of the being. the voice of the soul" The medicine of sound by means of song, of the voice, is the voice of the soul.

The medicine of sound through song, of the voice, is the healing energy that is available to all human beings. It is the sound of our soul.

Mystery An’Ahá is an Earth medicine guardian, Curandera, ritualist, keeper of the mystic arts and Spirit musician. Her mission is creating sacred spaces to bring people together to heal, liberate, awaken to their true power & Soul medicine, remember their deep wisdom, connect profoundly with the Divine and celebrate life truly — together as a unified, all embracing, all loving heart tribe.

Mystery is an experienced retreat leader, medicine woman, mentor and transformational guide - working over a decade with men & women in circles, retreats, deep initiation journeys and Master-plant diets with her Maestro in the Amazon. Mystery invites you into an embodiment laboratory to explore your light and dark feminine & masculine energétics. Tune in, right now, in each moment you are invited to contain the full spectrum of Y O U. Through conditioning, blockages, shame or fear, one might not express the fullness of self. Explore yourself deeper in this workshop and you’ll be surprised..

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-07 at 11.46.46_455da6d7.jpg

Casya Childers


WhatsApp Image 2024-01-11 at 13.18.57_aa26f3bf.jpg

Irene Ortiz


WhatsApp Image 2024-05-08 at 17.26_edite

Kinga Deutsch

Ayurvedic massage

A trauma-informed psychotherapist and facilitator who specializes in amplified group fields. She co-creates intimate spaces where participants can safely express what is most alive in them, allowing for the medicine to come through for all. She is an American living in Spain, known for her work in India’s Tibetan refugee community where she created a women’s empowerment movement and founded the first women’s national football team for Tibet.

Kinga is here to offer you health supporting & rebalancing Ayurvedic massages. An ayurvedic massage serves not only to relieve pain but especially as preventive medicine, and opening the flow of life force in order to revitalize the body. Kinga dives in the massages full heartedly and with a great respect towards the therapy and the persons who come and offer their trust and bodies in her hands🙏
"May we all find the best version of ourselves, regardless of the therapy or path that leads us there." 🙌

Irene Ortiz was curious to learn her grandmother's recipes from an early age. She decided to study a degree and master's degree in food science, which opened her eyes and made her realise that the food industry was just another business.  Irene spent 9 years travelling, learning recipes and lifestyles from other cultures. She was changing her diet to try to heal her own gastrointestinal problems. Now, transmitting her knowledge through cooking in a healthier way, more real and connected with mother earth feels that it is her mission in this world.

Booking Options
 we are limiting this retreat to 25 participants*
In order to book your place in the Healing voices retreat, we ask you to get in contact with us, we’ll have a simple conversation to make clear all the aspects of the experience. Looking forward to meet you!!!CONTACT: whatsapp/telegram +972522593912 (nir)

(including food and sleeping in own tent )
LAZY BIRD *LIMITED amount (or till 20/05/2024): 377 €
FULL PRICE (if there is still place left):   444 €
If you are an Alpujarra resident and really encouraged to join our retreat but you are struggling financially? We are here for you, please, don’t hesitate to reach out, we have a solution. 
we keep few low cost contributions just for you.

Camping beddings 
Tent (or contact us to rent a space in a Bell Tent)
Sleeping bag/ blanket

Comfortable clothes
Comfortable fitness gear
Own bottle of water
Own musical instruments if you want.
Private snacks (bio)
Own Medications or supplies
Bug spray

Camping Torch

*By joining this retreat you are aware of this, and will be asked to sign on an agreement

See you in the here and now. Aho.

Healing voices retreat.png
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