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Hello dear dreamers.


We are a small family, from Israel and Argentina, Nir (43) Romi (41) Alma (6) Zoe (5 months). 


We believe in our dreams and our reality is a dream come true.


We want to share with YOU our story about Music & Magic.

Three and a half years ago we left a normal stable life, good jobs and comfortable living for a simple dream: living a more inspiring life, and getting to know ourselves once again.

We decided to leave everything we knew and travel to Koh Phangan, Thailand to an unknown adventure.

In Koh Phangan, with the help of amazing souls, we found music as our super power…and started to heal ourselves and all around us with LIVE MUSIC.

Soon enough we realized the need of the community to collaborate and share their gifts, so we started gathering musicians and participants in live, powerful and magical journeys.  WOW,  the impact was incredible and inspiring. 

And…Kulam Project was Born.

Few months later we started traveling the world, holding spaces for people in gatherings through live music, movement, ceremonies and workshops.

Everywhere we traveled, we collaborated with the community ( Producers, Musicians, Facilitators and healers) and together with them we created unforgettable events.


We Created Journeys in Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Czech republic, Turkey, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Israel, Egypt and Thailand. 

The one thing we noticed along the way, is that it's really hard to find good supporting spaces for transformative journeys and for the community to gather, unite and strive.

This is when we started to dream of a place that can be home for Healing arts.

A big space that will be cozy like a womb, a celebration temple, a tribal unifire-  a growing lab for a new kind of culture.

They encourage us to dream big, and make us think …. What if??


Now is the time to share this dream with all of you dreamers out there…

We invite you to dive deep into this dream, because it might be yours as well…

Are you ready?



Our Big DREAM is To build Kulam Villages around the world.



Kulam* village is a permanent village(s) located in several areas of the planet.

 "Kulam" means "everyone" in hebrew and the kulam village is a place based on the KULAM PROJECT, a music & healing project founded in koh phangan 2018.


The mission of each village is to attract, gather, awaken and unite the *Tribes of mother earth. 

Each village will be built as an ecological system, based on ancient and new technology, fused together in harmony with the nature around.

From time to time the village will hold international festivals and gatherings, retreats, exhibitions etc trough all year long.


The Kulam Village will act on these values:

  1. Sustainability and harmony with Nature.

  2. All healing methods are welcome.

  3. Divercity - All races & Cultures are welcome.

  4. All ages are welcome.

  5. No synthetic Drugs or alcohol.

  6. No Religion or politics. 

  7. Free expression. 

  8. Flora and Fauna conservation.
















The structures of the Kulam village  


Kulam Temple

A Pyramid shaped structure built for 400 ppl.

In the Kulam Temple we will gather frequently to celebrate, dance, and develop a culture and a tribe.

The pyramid will hold big events:

Ecstatic dance

Live concerts





The pyramid is self-sustained in terms of electricity(solar)

Around the Kulam temple there will be 8 Domes, for around 100 ppl each. 


  • sound healing dome- Vocal activation,music improvisation, music school and instruments making workshops

  • meditation dome  Yoga- chi gong, tai chi, martial arts, rebirthing and all kinds of meditation practices and methods.

  • connection dome- Contact improvisation, tantra, family constellation, deep ecology, man circles and women circles, acroyoga, NVC , group activities, etc.

  • Lab dome- An experimental space for all kind of new & ancient practices and methods, sex education, science talks (TED), Arts and craft, recycling arts.

  • medicine dome-Medicine circles & teachings, Aroma therapy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, etc.

  • Elders dome-Healing and social activities for the elder generation.

  • Youth dome- Healing and social activities for teenagers, circus teachings, Parenthood teachings.

  • Kids dome- Healing and social activities for babies, toddlers and kids. Parenthood, circus, Arts teachings, etc.

  • Meditation Garden- practicing in nature, innerwalk, vipassana, vision quest

  • Medicine garden -  Growing medicinal plants and superfoods.


Around the village there will be also:


  • Zen Shala -  Satsang, Zen, Tao, Osho and other philosophical teachings and lectures

  • Food forest. - A forest with variety of fruit trees

  • Gardens. - vegetables and herbs gardens.

  • Lake - based on permaculture methods mostly to water the gardens.

  • Natural swimming pool - for water treatments and fun.

  • A Research Farm - Developing the connection between humans- plants- music.  

            Permaculture activities and teachings.

  • Guest house -  Accommodation for 100+ guests.

  • Recording studio.

  • Camping area- Tents, glamping and caravans area.

  • Food court-. Local and organic food vegan based

  • Healing Center -All kinds of one on one treatments.

  • Playground - For kids and adults.


So, How are we going to do that??


Our plan is to scout and locate small isolated villages in natural countryside,

Where no too many residents actually living there and most of the properties and land

are for sale for averagely cheap prices.

In this village, the pioneers of Kulam Village will live together as a community.

Next to this village there must be around 10-20 hectares of land for sale which is where the Kulam village will be built.

Around this area we wish to buy as much land as possible for the Flora and Fauna conservation of the area

We dream to build villages all around the globe. for example, in:


South Spain

East Europe

Koh phangan ,Thailand

South Portugal

Mexico, Palenque

Peru, Sacred valley

Usa, California


Israel, Negev

Egypt, Sinai


If you feel connected to this dream, we invite you to join us in fulfilling it and become an active part, become a pioneer… 


We wish to demonstrate the Kulam Village dream in a smaller perspective in the WHTIF gatherings.

A 400 square meters sized pyramid* for 200 ppl.


This is a  safe space that brings together a community of musicians, facilitators, artists, spiritual leaders to share their healing gifts, their wisdom and vision, together with the WHT IF tribe.




The pyramid will hold transformative journeys of Ceremony dance and workshops.

In every journey there will be live improvised music played by an orchestra of musicians from different cultures, alongside healing facilitators.


Before and after the main sessions there will be workshops - 

Self discovery, Body and voice, Shamanic work, Shadow work, Social engagement activity, 

Nature and ecology education, Music channeling and more


Every day we wish to create a schedule of 5-7 hours 


1-2 hours live workshop

30 min live ceremony

2.5 hours of live ecstatic dance / Live Blindfolded trance dance.

40 min singing circle

20 min sharing circle.


Every day will be concentrated on a different stage of the WHT IF Dream Circle -

Day 1 (18.5.22) - DREAM

Day 2 (19.5.22) - FEAR & BELIEVE 

Day 3 (20.5.22) - DARE

Day 4 (21.5.22) - FLY/FALL

Day 5 (22.5.22) - GROW & REALIZE


This project is open source- we are open for any question, suggestion, ideas and solutions.


Fulfilling this dream requires a strong team of dreamers -

We invite ALL OF YOU DREAMERS to apply to one of the open positions, join the adventure, and take a part in this incredible dream. 

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