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Magicians along the way....

Kulam Project has traveled the world and met AMAZING Talents... Together we made magic and lots of healing. 

These talents are family, and we support each other - If you are a producer, we would like to offer you a great way to book these artists... 

Marco Gemellaro

A Nylon strings guitarist, with great sensitivity and musical hearing, Marco plays what ever the moment is asking, from Spanish style to rock n roll, Marco flows like a river. Now living in Spain/Koh phangan, Marco is super supportive, a professional Sound Engineer. 

We know that Marco is the guy! He will always be there for you - Magic musician, The Sound Guy, and Both. But mostly - A FRIEND !

sound Engineer



Marco Gemerallo

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Book Hernan

Hernan Suarez

Hernán Suárez is an Argentinian multi-instrumentalist, street performer and sound healer who creates his own music with an unique feeling and sound.

His main instrument is the Pantam (aka Hang or Handpan), with his unique percussive style and storytelling with no use of words, he creates beautiful, deep and mesmerizing music. His organic creations invites everyone to dig inside themselves to a deep place of peace and harmony.

He has a unique playing technique on each of his instruments, including, djembe, darbuka, udu, frame drum, cajon, bongo, congas, birimbao, bansuri, native indian flute, xaphoon, dan moi, sansula, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, kalimba, piano, ukulele, bass, guitar, kamale ngoni (african harp) and Pantam (aka Hang or Handpan).

Multi- Instrument




Eugene Fed

Eugene is a super talented Chello Player, traveling the world with his carbon chello, making magic and lots of Deep healing music everywhere he goes. Easy to play with as he is very communicative joyful and sensitive.

Eugene travels ususaly between east Europe, Russia and Thailand- Koh phangan. The Chello is a gate to our heart, 

and  magical Eugene brings the use of the deep sound of the chello strings into a whole new dimension. Let your emotions drive your body and Eugen will stir the boat of you soul...


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Cello player


Alvaro Parada dia 1-140.jpg

Book Sabio

Sabio Jeniak

Sabio is a multi-instrumentalist who blends variety of music instruments and tools to produce his live music. A one man orchestra you might say. he also sings indigenes style like he was born in the mountains of the Inca trail. Sabio makes amazing workshops and invented methods of healing and new healing practices such as "Inner smile", "Mastering Harmony" and more. Originally from Poland, Sabio Lives in London, where he is composing music for modern dancing companies. Sabio uses Loop-station to create a whole world of powerful healing music, full of mystery and magic.

Multi- Instrument




Adrian Atma

Like no other, Adrian mixes with virtuosity the sounds of the Indian sitar, the guitar, the bansuri (Indian flute), the violin and the duduk. it takes you on a journey with the many Indian, flamenco, shamanic, mantra, middle eastern and manouch jazz flavors. Sometimes meditative and deep, sometimes groovy and ecstatic. Originally from France, Adrian has traveled all over the world for years, he was inspired by many traditional music. Being a meditative yogi, his music has been infused by his practice and inner experiences.  By creating a full musical background with the loopstation, it feels like a full band is accompanying it and can easily hold the attention of a large audience on a stage or in an intimate space.

Multi- Instrument




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17157472_1776636202654442_665037060919846753_o (1).jpg

Vojta Janda

A free flowing psychedelic fusion of Celtic, classical, and tribal sounds. Vojta will take you on a journey with violin, didgeridoo, bouzouki, bansuri flute, and percussion, in a live looping as a one man band..

Vojta is a great listener as well, and its amazing to play with.

Ususaly living in the Czech Republic, He travels all over Europe creating concerts, and also playing with Huge singers.

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Multi- Instrument




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